The purpose of Clearway Foundation is to financially support Christian Science care facilities for a variety of needs, such as benevolence for those who are unable to fully pay the cost of their care, funds to help reduce high interest mortgages, and funds to support nurses training programs and Visiting Nurse organizations across the country. On occasion Clearway has been able to financially assist a facility that faces a sudden need in meeting operating costs. Only established non-profit care facilities are considered for support. Each request for funds is carefully screened to establish the validity of the need. 

You are invited to our First Annual Meeting.  Print flyer (front & back)

Please note:  No contributions made to Clearway were used for this event.  The Clearway Foundation Board and the Executive Secretary felt it was such an important message to get to to the field that their own finances where used to fund this meeting.

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Surely the founders of Clearway Foundation were divinely influenced in wanting to help fellow Christian Scientists in need. But rather than give to individuals, they saw the broader need for financially supporting Christian Science care facilities and nursing programs, which in turn give direct but impersonal support. It was this genuine love for mankind that prompted Edward Bruce-Kingsmill and Jack Kemp, both of Newport Beach, California, to establish Clearway Foundation in the late 1970s.

Providing Tax Deductible Funding for Christian Science Nursing Organizations


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