Clearway Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides funding for activities that support and promote non-profit Christian Science nursing, such as Visiting Nurse Service organizations, training for Christian Science nurses, and established care facilities for Christian Scientists. We provide funds to non-profit care facilities to help guests unable to meet the costs on their own.

Our donors

We are grateful to the many donors who have provided loving and gracious financial support of Clearway. Their tax deductible donations to Clearway help support Christian Science nursing care facilities and nursing training programs across the country.

Our activities

Our activity is broad in scope and is not confined to the support of any one facility. Clearway has made significant contributions to over two dozen care facilities and nursing organizations in the United States. Thanks to the generous support of contributors, over $2,000,000 in financial assistance has been made to nursing facilities during our 30-year history.

Requests for funds

Clearway Foundation considers and supports the need of care facilities for benevolence, emergency operating funds, repairs, equipment, and debt-reduction, based on a review of their operations and current financial statement. Each request for funds is carefully screened to establish the validity of the need. [Please note: Funds are not available for building, start-up costs and/or expansion purposes, or endowments.]

Prayer characterizes our efforts to express wisdom, prudence, and compassion in making decisions.

Matching grants

In recent years Clearway has offered "matching grants" to several care facilities to help them raise money. The facility can encourage donations by letting its supporters know that, for each dollar contributed, Clearway will donate a matching amount. Experience has shown that this method achieves a more successful contribution campaign than there would have been without the matching grant program.

Celebrating 60 years of supporting 
Christian Science nursing care 

The Clearway Foundation Board of Trustees invited everyone to attend our First Annual Meeting in the Willows Community Auditorium in Laguna Hills to celebrate 60 years of quietly working in support of Christian Science nursing care.  You are welcome to read an inspiring talk given by our guest speaker.

Featured Speaker
Dr. Laurance R. Doyle

TOPIC:  "Eternal LIfe"