Clearway Foundation considers and supports the need of care facilities for benevolence, emergency operating funds, repairs, equipment, and debt-reduction, based on a review of their operations and current financial statement.

Funds are not available for building, start-up costs and/or expansion purposes, or endowments.

Based on a survey conducted by Clearway about the challenges, goals, and objectives of selected Christian Science care facilities, it became apparent that obtaining qualified nurses is one of our top priorities. Because of the shortage of qualified nurses available to serve in care facilities, the decision was made to earmark a greater percentage of Clearway funds to help care facilities meet the cost of nurses training.

How to apply

1. Download and complete a questionnaire. We have two types of questionnaires*:

2. Send the questionnaire and your two most recent financial statements to our Executive Secretary.

* Questionnaires are PDFs.

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