Clearway Foundation is unique among organizations serving Christian Scientists because its activity is broad in scope and is not confined to the support of any one facility. In no way is the Clearway Foundation intended to take the place of your contributions and obligations to The Mother Church, your branch church, or any specific Christian Science care facility of your choice.


Support comes in many forms

Funds to help us support the cause of Christian Science nursing come from individual contributions, Christian Science churches, charitable gifts of securities or real estate, Christian Science Associations, and estates where Clearway was named as a beneficiary in a will or trust.


Need for funding

Humanly, it seems as if the field can't get enough "funding". Many facilities are being challenged from several directions: fewer nurses, more need for benevolence, existing facilities needing repairs, rising costs, and dwindling contributions. It tugs at our heartstrings when we read requests from some care facilities that seem to desperately need funding and then we look at our cupboard, and it, too, appears to be short of the need.

When we review the requests coming to Clearway from all parts of the United States, we pray for a clearer demonstration of supply. We'd like to help fund all the facilities to the extent of their need.


Every contribution is appreciated

Surely the teachings of Christian Science to love God with all our heart and to love our neighbor are reasons enough to impel us to give generously and come to the aid of our fellowman.

May we suggest that adding Clearway Foundation, Inc. to your will, as one of the non-profit beneficiaries you support, is another excellent way to help provide funding for Christian Science nursing and care facilities in the future.